Saints bus gets egged by airport employees

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EGGEDATLANTA, GA – Did you catch the Saints and Falcons game Thursday night? Spoiler alert! The Atlanta Falcons stomped a mud hole in the New Orleans Saints, beating them 23-13.

At first NOLA made it look like a cakewalk, leading 17 to zip. After quarterback Drew Brees threw five interceptions, the Saints didn’t have a prayer.

That being said, Brees’ butterfingers and poor passes might not be the only reason the Saints were left ‘scrambling’ Thursday night.

The Saints got a ‘rotten’ welcome in the Atlanta airport when their bus was apparently egged by airport employees on the tarmac. A couple of New Orleans’ players jumped on Twitter to share the ‘hard boiled hatred’ those ‘egg headed’ employees showed them upon their arrival.

This is what Jimmy Graham had to say about the whole thing.

Maybe it was the tasteless actions of a few, or the fact that the Saints are looking forward to the holiday season. Just because they lost doesn’t mean the team from the Big-Easy rolled over-easy.

So, we’re going to blame this loss on the ‘egg beaters’!