What makes a penny worth $1 million?

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HOUSTON, TX – Show me the money! Come by the Money Show. Yes, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. You’ll find coins, bills, and lots of other cool stuff. Even a penny worth one million dollars.

You might think somebody did the math wrong.  Sort of?! Let’s just say the U.S. Mint made a mistake with a few pennies back in 1943 and collectors went crazy for it. We are talking about the “Wheat Cent”.

“It’s unusual because it’s made out of copper,” said Bob Campbell, coin dealer and owner of the Wheat Cent. “In that year, in 1943, the United States was involved in the World War II, and all the pennies that were made supposedly that year were made out of steal”.

Apparently, more of those golden pennies are still hidden in some old penny jar. Come on Goonies! Go find the treasure!  But be careful, not every penny is worth more than a penny.

“And the way you can tell it’s been copper-plated is by taking a magnet; and if it sticks to the magnet, then you know it’s an alteration.”

It seems like coins are the trendiest thing around. The U.S. Government is even considering replacing the one dollar bill with a coin. The Government Accountability Office said by doing so the U.S. would be able to save up to $4.4 billion in the next few years. The problem is Americans don’t like coins: according to polls we prefer to fold our money.

Of course, if they gave us an 1804 Silver Dollar like this one, also worth over a million bucks, we might be willing to reconsider.