New $7 coffee at Starbucks: Are they nuts?!

SEATTLE, WA – Obama’s back in office, but has the economy really improved? Starbucks seems to think so. They just introduced a seven-dollar cup of coffee.

Costa Rica Finca Palmilera is made from rare and delicate Geisha coffee beans grown with great difficulty in Costa Rica. Starbucks only got 3800 pounds of them, so they won’t last long. In fact, the beans sold out almost right away on their website.

And don’t bother looking for the green Geisha brew at a Houston-area coffee spot. The limited edition line is only available in 48 Starbucks stores across the Northwest U.S., and most of those are right near home for the java giant… in Seattle.

So looky there– we just saved you seven bucks!  To paraphrase “Degrassi” rapper Drake, ‘You can thank us later!’

Like maybe next year. That’s when Starbucks plans on taking Finca Palmilera nationwide.

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