Woman Flips Off Neighbors with Christmas Lights

May your holidays be merry and bright! Well one Christmas light display was shining bright in Denham Springs, Louisiana. No that’s not a menorah; on top of Sarah Henderson’s rooftop was a holiday light display with a not so subtle message to her neighbors…the middle finger! A big, bright, bird!

Henderson says the middle finger salute was a message to some of her neighbors whom she has been involved in a year-long dispute with.

“They put themselves into affairs of mine that they had no business in,” she told WBRZ. “They spread vicious lies throughout the neighborhood.”

Well they got the message and so did the police. The police told Henderson that her display was in violation of obscenity laws and that she faced the possibility of a $400 fine.

Henderson says she could have fought the request, but she decided to flip off the switch out of respect for her mayor and city council.

But, Henderson has said she is thinking about replacing the extended finger with a swastika.

Way to spread that holiday cheer!
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