Women brawl at Macho Camacho’s wake

PUERTO RICO – Latin soap operas are known for their dramatic cat fights, and sometimes, life imitates art.

The real-life soap opera took place at, of all places, the late Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho’s wake!

These two women–Cynthia Castillo and Gloria Fernandez–both claim to be ‘Macho’s’ main squeeze.

The claws came out after Castillo reportedly kissed the fallen fighter in his casket.

You can’t see much in this blurry YouTube video, but you can bet there was plenty of scratching and hair pulling.

After the brawl, Castillo proclaimed she was the ‘actual’ girlfriend of ‘Macho’, and “those who don’t like it better not bring it.”

Way to keep it classy, ladies!

‘Macho’s’ body was flown to New York for a second viewing and the funeral.

Geez. He’s not even buried yet, but he’s already rolling over in his grave.

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1 Comment

  • rosalie ramirez

    Wow . He was a player,wouldnt be surprised if in New York they dont do da same. But LADIES really to fight like that geez it shows who really cared about him the person n not about him the superstar! Hes probably laughing his ASS off cause you got PLAYED BY THE BEST! Lol!