Mayan scholar refutes Dec. 21 apocalypse prediction

MERIDA, MEXICO – How’s your Christmas shopping going? If you haven’t started yet, you might wanna skip it. See– the end of the world’s gonna happen before then on December 21st.

At least that’s what some “experts” are claiming. They claim the Mayans predicted it thousands of years ago. But one true Mayan expert says, ‘not so fast.’

“The Mayan calendar is actually designed to measure millions and millions of years,” says

Carminia Martinez, a University of Houston anthropologist of Mayan descent. “The most popular consensus agrees that a large cycle of time will be concluding…. It doesn’t end. It regenerates. It has a new beginning, just like our new year.”

So what do modern-day Mayans believe will happen on December 21st?

“They see this as a marking point for the regeneration of Mayan culture,” says Martinez, “Their goals are to bring the Mayan language into the education system, to have a bilingual education.”

Fulbright scholar Martinez spoke with us from the Yucatan Peninsula where she’ll have a front-row seat to what goes down on the big day. But she won’t be with those New Agers at one of the Mayan temple tourist traps. She’ll be at an invitation-only site with other Mayan descendants, reflecting.

“It’s a global reflection. It’s a reflection for humanity,” she insists, “but it has nothing to do with catastrophe or the end of the world. It’s more a period to reflect on our relationship with mother Earth.”

So good news! We can leave the apocalypse crap to Jerry Bruckheimer and get ready for a day of universal convergence.

Bad news– back to that Christmas shopping!

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1 Comment

  • frankbrunson

    I'm reasonably certain the Mayans who created the calendar weren't thinking this would be a good date to have bilingual education. Ironically, instead of regenerating the culture it may mark the last excuse the think about the Mayans. A lot of Mayan discussion now. But after the 21st? Maybe that is what is meant by the end of the world.