U.S. sending troops, Patriot missile systems to Turkey

turkeyINCIRLIK BASE, TURKEY – Uncle Sam gave out his Christmas turkey early this year to some members of the military.

No, really, he’s sending them to Turkey, but they won’t be going empty handed.

“We just announced this morning that we are deploying two patriot batteries here to Turkey, along with the troops that are necessary to command those batteries,” said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. “So that we can help Turkey, have the kind of missile defense it may very well need in dealing with the threats that come out of Syria.”

The families of the 400 troops can send their holiday thank-you notes directly to Syria’s President Assad. He’s been firing missiles at the rebels trying to take over his country, and some of those missiles have landed in or near Turkey.

The patriot missiles and troops aren’t there to keep Assad from invading Turkey. We’re only sending them because Turkey is a member of NATO.

The big concern is that Assad will use chemical and biological weapons when he runs out of regular bombs and missiles. The Obama administration has drawn a red line on that plan. And now, the president has turned 400 troops into the wartime equivalent of coal-mine canaries, the first to die if there’s poison gas around.

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