Northern Illinois frat members charged in hazing death

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DEKALB, IL – For nearly two dozen members of a Northern Illinois University fraternity, they learned that hazing can have deadly consequences.

David Bogenberger, 19, was a freshman at the university. He was found dead after a night of binge drinking.

School officials say members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity held their annual ritual known as ‘Parents’ Night.’ Normally, the university allows the frat to throw the party if they follow university rules. But the fraternity apparently didn’t plan on partying by the rules, so they didn’t register the event through the university because of the amount of alcohol they planned on having.

Over a two-hour period, Bogenberger reportedly went from room to room during the party answering a series of questions in exchange for vodka. When he was found the next day in a room, his blood alcohol level was more than five times over the legal .08 limit.

Five frat members were charged with felony hazing. Seventeen others are facing misdemeanor charges.