Vacation spots to hit, and those that hit back

WORLD – The holidays are here, which is usually the time of year when people are using up those vacation days. The 2012 survey released by TripAdvisor gives tourists a heads-up on the friendliest cities you’ve got to hit, and the cities that are most likely to hit back.

Of the 40 key tourist spots around the world, the place with the least friendly locals, taxi drivers and taxi services? Surprisingly, not the French, but Moscow made the top of that list. Although, if we had Sarah Palin watching us all the time, we might be angry too.

If you’ve turned on the Discovery Channel in the last 10 years, you won’t be too shocked to hear that Mumbai, India has really dirty streets and isn’t so easy to navigate.

On the flip side, Cancun is said to have the friendliest locals but then again, no one ever really gets tired of watching girls go wild.

Tokyo’s got the friendliest taxi drivers and the cleanest streets; and New York took the top spot for the best shopping. Someone should’ve told Julia Roberts to start there. What a trip!

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