Everyone relax, the world is not ending anytime soon

WORLD – We got news for you, the world isn’t going to end tomorrow. Everyone relax.

The Mayan calendar ends tomorrow, December 21, 2012, so, for whatever reason, there’s people out there assuming it’s the end of the world.

There’s so many knuckleheads out there that NASA’s phone lines have even been flooded.

Dr. David Morrison a senior scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center said, “NASA has received thousands of emails and calls from members of the public who are concerned, especially young people. So it only seems right that NASA scientists help to dispel these rumors about Doomsday.”

If only NASA scientists would’ve helped dispel the other claims of the world ending.

Remember Y2K? Yeah, we’re still here. Remember Harold Camping, the preacher who thought a rapture would occur in may 2011? Again we’re all still here.

So what’s the deal NASA, with tomorrow?

“Some people think that the Maya calendar from the ancient Maya civilization comes to an end on December 21 or even that the Maya predicted some sort of catastrophe; that’s simply not true, that’s a modern rumor it has nothing to do with the real Maya.”

We’d give anything to have a camera recording those doomsday preppers when the world doesn’t end tomorrow. Can you imagine the look on their faces.

Anyway, we’ll see you tomorrow and to all those who still aren’t convinced, raise your glass cause we’d like to make a toast to the end of the world.

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