Pope pardons former butler who stole and leaked documents

We’ve all heard the saying, “The butler did it!” but this time, the butler really did do it.

Paolo Gabriele use to be Pope Benedict XVI’s butler and personal assistant.

He was convicted of aggravated theft after he stole some private papers from his holiness’s apartment and gave them to an author who used them in a best-selling book.

He stole from the Pope!!

The paper pilferer sentenced to 18 months in prison but he did what any remorseful criminal would do.

He asked for a pardon and that’s exactly what he got.

Pope Benedict XVI forgave and pardoned Gabriele, sending him home for the holiday, giving the former butler a very merry season indeed.

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1 Comment

  • mherbeck88

    This is how we should all respond. We forgive and go on about our business. God calls us all to be in his likeness as he created us.