Bellaire police officer killed in shooting

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Sadly, a traffic stop was anything but routine in Bellaire. Houston police say Bellaire police officer Cpl. Jimmie Norman is dead after traffic stop went horribly wrong.

Police say an officer’s pulled over a black Honda civic near Jessamine and Maple Ridge. That’s when the Civic took off, beginning a high speed chase. During the chase, the Civic hit a white Ford truck. In turn, the driver of the truck chased after the Civic.

All three vehicles pulled into a Maaco shop off Bellaire Boulevard. A witness says the officer walks up to the suspect’s car.

“It looks as though he’s leaning, so I know he’s trying to get something out of the car. I’m thinking to myself, ‘this guy has a gun,'” said Stephanie Pacheco, witness. “No sooner than I thought that, he rises up, shoots the police man, gets up out of the car and starts shooting at everybody else.”

That’s when police say the driver of the Civic fired shots, hitting the officer and a Maaco employee.

“Tthe saddest thing is: the officer who is deceased didn’t get the opportunity to defend himself. That’s how fast it all happened,” said John Cannon, HPD spokesman.

In no time, backup police officers arrive, shooting the suspect. Police say the suspect tried to escape, but a trail of blood led them to a Just Brakes a block away. He’s now in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital. He’s expected to survive.
Sadly, the same can’t be said for the officer and the innocent bystander. The officer was taken to Ben Taub Hospital, where he later died.

The Maaco employee? He died in front of the shop.

As for the man in the white ford truck who followed the police chase?

“He’s lucky to be alive, obviously,” said Cannon.

While police try to figure out the details, one thing is for sure: the holidays will never be the same for the victim’s families.