Couple found tied up in closet, husband dead

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It’s a holiday tragedy. Relatives found a man bound and stabbed to death in a closet in a northwest Harris County home. His wife was found nearby in another closet alive.

It happened in the 9500 block of Kelsey Meadows. The wife, 53-year old Sandra Melgar, told Harris County Homicide she blacked out in the bathroom at around 1 a.m. with her husband, 52-year old Jaime. When she came to, she says she was tied up in the closet.

The horrific discovery was made by family members later that afternoon, who stopped by to celebrate the couple’s wedding anniversary.

Neighbors speculate that a home invasion is to blame; however, authorities are keeping mum.
With one victim dead and the other who says she blacked out, it will no doubt take a while to get to the bottom of this.