NORAD Santa tracker apps for smart phones

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Only a few hours left before Christmas and Santa is already making his way around the globe.

As in years past,the North American Aerospace Defense Command – or NORAD – is tracking Mr. Clause for you, so you can see exactly where he is as he heads towards your home.

But who has time to sit in front of a computer to see santa`s progress?

Once again, technology comes to the rescue… there are NORAD tracker apps for IPHONE, Android and Windows phone users.  As if that isn`t enough, youcan keep tabs on Santa`s sleigh on Bing Maps, or follow him on Twitter.

For those of you who are wondering, Google Maps and NORAD parted ways.  Microsoft`s Bing is NORAD’s new besty.

Google set up a Santa tracker of their own.  One more way to spy on jolly ol` saint nick.

As you track the reindeer as they hop from continent to continent, the only question remains…   have you been naughty or nice?