Recovering addicts help feed homeless and veterans

HOUSTON – For many Christmas is about giving.

Volunteers from the Extended Aftercare Alumni Association, who are recovering addicts from chemical dependency, partnered with Rolling Thunder and U.S. Vets, all got together for the 20th year,to feed the homeless, and veterans this holiday.

Steve Boon, with Extended Aftercare Inc. said: “One of the main goals is to recognize God`s grace, the gift that recovery is, to us that suffer from addiction and alcoholism, and a way to honor God for that gift, is for us to be of service to others.”

Besides the warm meal, those who came received clothing, blankets and toiletries.

Rito Valdez, with U.S. Vets said: “We want to let them know that there`s people that care out here, and we want to send them into recovery if they need that.  Housing, shelter, whatever they need to get them off the street.”

In the Christmas spirit, volunteers poured in to help those less fortunate.

Lisa Mosshart, a volunteer said: “We just came down to do just a little tiny part, to make someone`s Christmas happier.”

Alyssa  Tenore who enjoyed spending time with her family volunteering said: “It`s all smiles, and everybody is really nice.  That`s the best part, is seeing the smiles.”

And the effort didn`t go unappreciated.

Lloyd Shivers, a Vietnam Vet, said: “They could have been spending Christmas with their families and friends; instead they`re out here because they consider us family and friends.  I really appreciate the fact that they`re spending their Christmas coming out here to help the veterans.”

Chris Lamb who helped prepare the meals, said: “This is the true meaning of Christmas, helping those who can`t help themselves, or have fallen on hard times.”

And though the rain came down at times, it didn’t dampen the mood.

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