The Pope: “Homosexuality is a threat…”

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ROME – Don`t expect to don your gay apparel this holiday season. Not if pope Benedict XVI has anything to do with it.

He used his annual Christmas address as an opportunity to school people about homosexuality. Because isn’t that what Christmas is all about, right?

The Pope says that people are going against their God-given gender identities to suit their sexual desires. And in the process, he says, the essence of the human creature is being destroyed. Wow, that’s pretty heavy stuff.

Get this: in a speech last month, the Pope says homosexuality is a threat to world peace, just like abortion and euthanasia. If that’s the case, we wonder how he feels about North Korea….

It looks like the Pope has company, the Californians, of all people. A ban to stop a controversial type of homosexual therapy in California was set to go into effect January 1st. The ban was aimed specifically at homosexual children under 18-years old who are sent to this therapy to get them back on the straight and narrow.

Now the ban itself has been blocked. In other words, the therapy is still legal until an outcome can be reached.
All this comes after a big year in gay and lesbian rights in both the United States and Europe.