Check out how one Houston company pimps out BBQ pits

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HOUSTON – You’ve seen tailgating. Fans having a good time with games, food and drink.

But for some, tailgating is a business, and no one takes it more seriously than the folks at one company in Houston.

Victor Howard, Pitmaker President, says, “Pitmaker was formed to make the innovations of the BBQ pits.”

The company has grown immensely since its founding in 2009.

In fact, they’re now selling their product in six different countries.

Howard says, “We have customers internationally because we come up with a design where the BBQ pit is the most efficient BBQ pit in the industry. Quality speaks louder than a thousand words.”

But it’s the designs that catch the eye and have tailgaters clamoring for more.

Howard says, “It’s  a challenge. how you going to be better than yesterday? How you going to make a better pit than the one you just finished? So, here at Pitmaker we are innovating. We don’t follow anybody’s step.”

Yeah, if the BBQ pit trailer is not enough for you, then maybe you should hop on this party bus. Check out this ride that used to be a boring old school bus.

Three months later and now it is Partying 101. It features a nice little bar, TV, lounge, with hard wood floors and cedar paneling.

Howard says, “It’s a challenge man and we love challenges. Because we are  innovating every day.”

So with Christmas having just passed, there might be a few fans out there who know what they would like to put down on next year’s wish list.