Man pushed off subway platform, hit by two trains

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NEW YORK – It seems like we just told you about the man who was pushed to his death in front of a train in New York. Sadly, here we are again.

New York police are searching for the woman in this surveillance tape.  They say she pushed a man to his death off of a train platform in Queens. Witnesses say the woman was on the seven train platform, talking to herself before she grabbed a seat on a bench.

When the train pulled up, police say she got up, pushed a man onto the tracks and ran off. It appears the man didn’t even have a fighting chance; police say it looks like he had no idea she was even behind him.

The man was hit by the first train car, and pinned by the second before it came to a halt.

“I can’t believe these things happen in this neighborhood. I thought this was a safe neighborhood,” said one neighbor.

‘They need to slow the trains down to about 15 miles an hour when they are coming into the station, so if something like that does happen, they have time to stop the train,’ added another neighbor. ‘When I heard it, I couldn’t believe it.’

Two similar deaths in one month? Something’s gotta give.