Theater Sells ‘Tweet Seats’

A Minneapolis theater is all the tweet. The Guthrie Theater is now offering a special balcony section with “tweet seats”. Instead of having patrons turn off their phones, this theater is encouraging them to keep their phones on and tweet away.

A press release on the theater’s website says:

“The Guthrie Theater today announced that beginning December 27, the theater will offer its first-ever ‘Tweet Seats’ during four consecutive Thursday performances of The Servant of Two Masters, allowing social media users an opportunity to interact during the show. A limited number of seats located in a balcony level of the McGuire Proscenium in a section that will not be disruptive to other patrons will be designated as Tweet Seats.”

What do you think about the tweet seats? Serve up your thoughts.

And that’s today’s helping of the Online Dish with Maggie.

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