Steve Jobs’ yacht impounded

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AMSTERDAM – Steve Jobs may be dead, but his debt isn’t.

Remember Jobs’ high-tech wonder-yacht that he never got a chance to enjoy? It’s been impounded at the port of Amsterdam in the Netherlands over a payment dispute.

The designer of the yacht — a French designer named Philippe Starck says he’s still owed three million euros from the nine-million-euro  design commission.

That is a lot of cheese, no?

To muddy up the waters even more, the design company’s lawyer says Jobs and Starck trusted each other, so there wasn’t a detailed contract.

Three-million-euros is just a drop in the bucket, compared to the yacht’s 138-million America dollar price tag. But until Starck’s big, fat check to comes in the mail, the yacht will be under lock and key in Amsterdam.

Hey, whatever floats his boat!