Houston kittens saved from house fire

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Two Southwest Houston kitties are down to eight lives after surviving a Sunday morning house fire. A woman told officials she awoke to a fire in the attic of her home off Westheimer and Bammel. She called 911 and got out of dodge. Just one problem…

“She had two cats in the house. One cat came out when she did, but the other cat stayed in,” said Jay Evans, with the Houston Fire Department

It may be a dog-eat-dog world, but not this time. Firefighters arrived on scene and found the attic engulfed in flames. They found something else, too: kitty numero dos. He was unconscious but quickly came to and ran out of the house when the firemen showed up.

“So we have two cats, alive and well at this scene,’ said Evans.

Even better? No humans were injured either.

Fire officials said the duct work near the furnace in the attic may be to blame. But we wonder if Grumpy Cat had anything to do with it.