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Banned Words List

When you don’t like a TV show, you change the channel. If you didn’t like a restaurant, it’s your choice not to come back. Now, instead of just refraining from using certain words, some people suggested a list of terms that should be banished from the English language.

Lake Superior State University in Michigan is responsible for the list.  It includes words or phrases voters would like to see banned due to misuse, overuse and general uselessness. Some examples: “Spoiler alert”, when used as an obnoxious way to show one has trivial information and is about to use it.  “Fiscal cliff”, because it seems like in the country accounting is taking over geography.  “Superfood”, “guru”, “job creators”, “trending” and “YOLO”.  Also “passionate” when referring to a company, unless the CEO feels passionate about his secretary of course.

This is the 38th annual list submitted from this part of the world to the Queen of England for her consideration. We’re pretty sure she spends a lot of time checking it. Past lists included terms such as “viral”, “amazing” and “LOL”, which gives us an idea of how effective they have been. Way to go censorship!

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