Senate Reaches Agreement on Fiscal Cliff, House Still Not Sure

There’s nothing like waiting till the last second to tie up loose ends. Senate Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill, surprisingly, rang in the new year without ringing any necks.

Our rep’s must’ve realized they were screwing up fast, and picking up speed because America was headed toward that fiscal cliff like a runaway freight train. With a little compromise, however, they did it!

The Senate approved an amendment that pretty much keeps things status quo, averting America’s plunge over the feared fiscal-cliff. For now, some of the Bush-era tax cuts will stay the same and spending cuts have been put off for another two months. So really, our impending doom has been delayed for another 60 days, but we’ll take it!

House members weren’t in such a hurry to ease our troubled minds though, requesting to postpone the vote on Tuesday.

Republican Representative Morris Brooks, of Alabama, asked the Speaker of the House to delay the vote until, “…Congress and the American people have time to study and evaluate this extraordinarily complex legislation.” Did no one tell him he was supposed to review the material before showing up for the final exam?

They’ve had months to read over this stuff, and if our elected representatives still don’t get it, they’re not the only ones who are going to fail!

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