Drunken dad leaves kid at liquor store

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – Kenneth Rowe of Daytona Beach, Florida won’t be winning father of the year awards anytime soon.

Sounds like he needed a drink so bad, he got a little side tracked with his parenting responsibilities.

He brought his baby into the Shark Lounge and Liquor Store over the weekend.

Like any responsible dad, he made sure to hand his child over to a store clerk, before heading out for a smoke.

Problem is, he forgot to take his kid with him.

Yup, he finished his cigarette and left without his kid.

He came back a while later after he realized what he had done, and workers say he appeared drunk. Shocker.

Police were called, the poor kid is with its mother, and good ‘ol Kenneth is stuck with a likely hangover and child neglect charges.

Pull it together people.

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