Houston murder count in 2012 higher than 2011

HOUSTON, TX – ‘Incredibly low’ is the way a Houston homicide captain describes the murder count in 2012, which saw. 217 murders compared to 198 the year before.

That probably makes it all better to the 217 dead people, and their families. Like the guy someone shot in the head while he sat in his car over the weekend.

“We realize the past two years have been exceptionally low, which if you look at it in that matter, it is a good thing,’ said Lt. Dan Harris, acting homicide captain. ‘And so we want to keep those low.  And that’s like I said, we’re going to take a look at all of our assets, resources, how can we allocate them.”

To be fair, cops were looking at a big jump in murders after the end of the first three months of last year. That’s when Houston’s murder rate soared 27% over the first three months of 2011.

District 19, south of the Katy Freeway and west of the Beltway, saw the biggest jump, 35% from January through March.

Houston police made some changes in their crime fighting and prevention in the high murder areas. They’re not saying what they did, but they appear to have kept the homicide rate from exploding.

“So exactly why nobody knows, but the people of Houston, I think, are benefiting from what’s been a historically low crime rate over the past two years,” Harris said.

The 198 murders in 2011 were the fewest since 1966, and considerably lower than the 353 in 2007.

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