Pilot spots burglar breaking into his house

GLADES COUNTY, FL – Thanks to security cameras, you can get some dandy video of those low-life creeps who broke into your house. Trouble is, you only get to see them after they’ve ripped you off.

Not so for David Zehntner of Glades County, Florida.

He flew over his house on his way to landing his Cessna when he saw someone up to no good, in fact, trying to break into the house.

“Right in front of us with us making a tight circle around our property here watching him from the air and he was clearly looking at us several times…looked up,” Zehntner said.

Zehntner watched the guy hook up a trailer and leave. That’s when he contacted the cops who caught the culprit about 40 miles away with the trailer, a loaded rifle, and some ammo.

Just another warning to would-be thieves:  you never know when you’re in plane sight.

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