State funding cuts for Planned Parenthood take effect

AUSTIN, TX – It’s D-day for some 48,000 women in the state of Texas. After months of bickering from both sides of the argument, cuts to funding for women’s health clinics that also provide abortion services in the state of Texas are now in effect.

“I do find it amazing that we are allowed as a government to make these kinds of decisions that deny any Texan access to the kind of care that they should be getting.” State Representative Donna Howard said.

Planned Parenthood filed a request for a temporary restraining order hoping to extend its participation in the state-funded women’s health program until a full hearing could be held challenging the state’s decision in U.S. district court. But while the rest of us were enjoying a little R&R as the calendar turned, a judge in Austin denied that request, meaning, for now, thousands of low-income women across the state will have to find new means for their mammograms and birth control.

And while the state insists they have arranged some 3,500 approved doctors and clinics to pick up the slack, advocates for women’s health in Texas say many will fall through the cracks.

“Definitely disappointed,” Howard said.

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