Texans-Bengals playoff pre-sale tickets sellout

TICKETSHOUSTON, TX – If you tried to get tickets for the Texans-Bengals game this Saturday, you already know how fast they went.  The 1500 pre-sale tickets sold out online at ticketmaster.com in about 15 minutes!

But there’s good news actually, ticket brokers are reportedly getting face value for ticket buy backs and on some websites, like VIP Seats, tickets are going for as cheap as $110, with the most expensive topping off at $1,000 (I wonder if that includes parking?).

We hit up Kayla Ramsey at Midtown Premiere Tickets in Houston to get her take on it all.

Tickets for the same game day in Maryland for the Seahawks vs. the Redskins are starting at around $90 and topping off at about $1800 and in Green Bay, $110 to $1300.

Fans and ticket brokers are saying that prices are down, mainly because of their poor performance the last 3 games. Maybe this weekend, they can turn some heads and plow into the playoffs with some steam behind them!

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