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Bottom’s Up: Beer Pong Championship in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV – When it comes to beer, some like to sip it, others like to chug it and some even like to dip their little white balls in it.

We’re talking, of course, about beer pong. Get your mind out of the gutter, people!

If you didn’t spend your college haze–I mean daze–at college frat parties, beer pong is the simple game where you throw balls into a cup.

Then you drink a lot of beer.

But did you know perfecting this silly little sport can reap big rewards?

The World Series of Beer Pong is going down in Las Vegas, and 800 players from more than a dozen countries are throwin’ down for a chance at $50,000.

Our money’s on the Germans.

Competition organizers expect to use more than 150 kegs of beer before it’s all said and done.

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