Hugo Chavez swearing-in could be postponed

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez needs to get back in town or else he might not be the head honcho for much longer.

Chavez hasn’t been seen in public since December 10th, when he left for cancer surgery in Cuba. But the big guy has a big day coming up: his inauguration on January 10th.

Government officials said he might not be able to make it, since he’s now suffering from a severe respiratory infection in addition to cancer. Just what kind of cancer remains a highly-guarded secret.

But he’s not getting any sympathy from the opposition. They’re calling for a re-election within 30 days if Chavez is a no-show. Tough crowd.

Others are in favor of postponing the president’s inauguration all-together until he’s well enough to attend. Option number three is for the Supreme Court to bring the inauguration to Chavez in Cuba.

Either way, all of this has some Venezuelans wondering what’s up.

“Our demand for the truth is elementary because when the patient is a head of state who has just been reelected for a new term and there are implications that affect the entire nation,” said Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, Venezuelan opposition leader

“Sometimes it looks as if the president is well, others not so much. Honestly, we don’t know what to believe, what the truth is and what’s a lie. Everybody is living in uncertainty,” said Edwin Rodriguez, Venezuelan voter.

Time waits for no man, Hugo. January 10th is just around the corner.

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