Lil Wayne gets permanently “baked”

USA – Looking back at some of the crazier fashion statements in Hip Hop, we’re glad time ran out for: clock necklaces, hammer pants and let’s not forget the ‘edgy’ backward pants!

That was ‘whack’ all right!

While thankfully, those fads have faded, there’s at least one trend that’s here to stay: Tattoos!

One of the rap game’s most inked-up stars has added another one to his collection.

Lil Wayne showed off his fresh ink on his fansite and yeah, he has the word ‘baked’ on his forehead.

Think he was when he got that thing, man?

Skaters–you might “kick flip” for this: “Tunechi” supposedly drew inspiration from the skateboard brand ‘Baker’.

Anyhoo, his permanently “baked” tattoo should go nicely with his other face tatts, like the Saints logo, teardrops, and yes…glow-in-the-dark stars.


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