Breast pump industry soars under Obamacare

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HOUSTON, TX – Looks like President Obama is a boob man; at least when it comes to breastfeeding.

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, has a provision that requires insurance companies to pay for breast pumps and lactation consultants, while the patient doesn’t spend a dime.

For breast pump manufacturers, their sippy cup runneth over. Moms like it too.

Kate Stouffer, who breastfeeds her infant, said, “I think that breast pumps make it easier for everyone to want to nurse their babies. I don’t think that I would be still nursing if I wasn’t using a pump.  So I think it’s good, it gives people more options.”

At The Motherhood Center, it’s seen as a step forward.

Gabriela Gerhart of the Motherhood Center said. “I think it’s definitely going  to help a lot of women to continue breastfeeding , maybe when they are returning to work, they have the option now to rent a pump or buy a pump which they might not have the resources to do.”

Research shows that breastfeeding benefits both mother and child.

“It’s great for the mom, bonding process and just kind of an immune system… health wise,” said Gerhart.

But as usual some insurance companies do things their own way. Some are paying for the pumps while others only pay for rentals.

And the consultations – that show new moms what to do – the insurance companies don’t want to pay the going rate.

We don’t want to milk the subject dry, but if nothing else, the babies sure can try.