Cat caught smuggling saws, phone into Brazilian prison

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ALAGOAS, BRAZIL – With the World Cup and the next Olympic Games around the corner, Brazil is trying hard to crack down on crime. However, even though Brazilians may know very well how to throw a big party, creativity is not always on the side of the good guys.

A cat is the main character in this story. Yes, a cat was caught attempting to smuggle various escape tools into a medium-security prison in the state of Alagoas.

Police found two saws, two drills for concrete, a headset, a memory card, a cell phone, three batteries and a mobile phone charger taped around its stomach. The cat is being interrogated at the moment, with no luck whatsoever.

But don’t worry, the Brazilian police will make it talk. Yes they will. But they certainly have a huge cat problem nationwide: authorities said they recently confiscated over 35,000 cellphones from prisoners.

What were the inmates planning to do with those phones? Perhaps they’re getting updates on their favorite soccer teams. Yeah, right!