Fake braces all the rage among Asian teens

ASIA – Kids in America get so bummed-out when they’re told they need braces. Whether it’s the fear of name-calling or it’s just scary having a mouth full of metal. However, having a metal-mouth is all the rage among teens in Asia.

An orthodontic oddity is rising in popularity among teens in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Kids are dishing out big bucks for fake braces as a status symbol.

The faux fashion statement is used to make others think those little braced-faces have authentic, and expensive, dental work being done. Guess they’ve not realized there’s a gap in that theory.

Apparently this black-market-bracing can be pretty dangerous though. The Thai government says if parts come loose it can cause wearers to choke, some parts may have lead in them and the fake braces have already been blamed for the death of two Thai teens.

It may be weird, it may be dangerous and it may have no medical purpose; but we’re left wondering, are faux braces and a bagel face too fashion forward for the rest of the world?

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