Rik Melartin ‘The Finisher’ back in court

HOUSTON, TX – He went from hero, to cheesy commercial figure, to being charged with sexually assaulting a minor.

Rik Melartin appeared in court on Thursday. Due to a processing error the first time around, his bond had to be reinstated.

The victim’s mother was there.

“Rik is a pervert,” she said under the condition on anonymity.

“Rik uses cocaine, he’s an alcoholic, he’ll be brought in for random testing and I`m sure he’ll be caught,” she said.

Melartin first made headlines last year when he caught a burglar in his neighborhood, and you might say he exploited that to promote his business, John Keating Chevrolet in Crosby.

Now Melartin has been charged for fondling and having sex with a 16 year old employee. Another worker has been charged as well. The alleged crime reportedly came to light after an anonymous tip to the girl’s dad.

Melartin’s attorney says they will be back in court next month. In the meantime, the victim’s mother says her daughter is in therapy.

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