Social Security checks going paperless

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Listen up, boys and girls. Big changes are coming from Uncle Sam.

First up, if you get any kind of money from Social Security, you better be getting it as direct deposit, because after March 1, the Social Security folks are going paperless. They say this will save about a billion bucks over the next ten years. Of course, if you don’t have a bank account, you may be SSSOL.

Next up, taxes. Yes, you still have to file your federal income tax returns, but the IRS doesn’t want them until January 31 at the earliest.  The Internal Revenue Service doesn’t blame it on the alcohol, but on that whole fiscal cliff thing that may delay your tax information getting to you.  But this doesn’t change the deadline for paying. It’s still April 15.

Don’t worry; Uncle Sam will always makes sure he gets your money on time.

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