Caught on Camera: Passenger stabs bus driver to death

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busTURKEY – So we all know riding the bus can be a risky endeavor. You never know who or what you’ll be forced to share a ride with.

The only thing riskier than being a passenger is being the driver.

We must warn you, what you are about to see is graphic!

Surveillance video shows a fight to the death on a bus in Turkey this month.

It all starts when a passenger tries to get off the bus, using the front door. The bus driver is seen talking to the passenger. Everything looks fine until the passenger lunges at the driver. Seconds later, the passenger slaps the driver in the head. The passenger turns to exit the bus, but suddenly pulls out a knife and stabs the driver!

You can see the driver looking down at his wounds, and he quickly loses consciousness.

Some other passengers try to help him, but it’s too late. The driver dies right there.

And for what? An argument over a door?!

What a mad, mad world we live in!