Dog mistaken for a lion

NORFOLK, VA – Some scary moment for folks in Norfolk, Virginia. Here’s what the 911 calls sounded like:

“And there was a lion that ran across the street, a baby lion.”

“A lion, a baby lion.”

“It was about the size of a Labrador retriever.”

Police immediately checked with zoo officials who said, “At first we all kind of look at each other like… could it be?”

But their lions were catching a few Z’s.  It was then that the Zoo’s Executive Director, Greg Bockheim realized, “Immediately I knew ‘the other lion’ in town.”

His name is Charles the Monarch and technically he’s a Labra-Doodle, though he looks more like a Labra-lion. Due to these lion-like-locks, Charlie’s getting his lion’s share of attention these days.

His owner Daniel Painter says, “I bought him as a puppy when my daughter was a freshman at Old Dominion University and their mascot is a lion but when he grew as a puppy his hair blew out.”

That’s when Painter decided he’d get more attention at ODU events if he shaved and dyed his dog’s coat to look like a lion. It worked, Charlie looks like a lion…as one 911 caller pointed out saying, “It had the mange and everything.”

He probably meant mane, but hey the guy thought he’d just seen a lion on the loose and was probably a little nervous.

According to his Facebook page, Charlie is a ‘party animal’ and a frequent tailgater; so this might not be the last time someone calls 911 about a Labra-lion on the loose.

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