Florida professor says Newtown shooting didn’t happen

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BOCA RATON, FL – Newtown, Connecticut—every time you hear the name of the town now, sad images resonate. But not all are convinced it even happened.

James Tracy is an associate professor of media history at Florida Atlantic University. He wrote a series of blog posts that are getting a lot of heat. He believes the Sandy Hook shooting didn’t really happen, or at least not the way the media portrayed it. He also claims it’s merely propaganda played out by the Obama administration to implement gun control.

The folks in Newtown got wind of this and they aren’t too happy. Newtown’s first selectwoman E. Patricia Lladro lashed out at the university saying: ‘Shame on you, too, FAU, to even have someone like this on your payroll.’

This isn’t the first time Tracy’s jumped on the conspiracy bandwagon. He’s also publicly doubted the JFK assassination, 9/11 and even the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting.

The university is trying to distance itself from Tracy’s comments, saying that his beliefs do not reflect the university’s.

But Tracy stands by what he said. He released a statement to the Florida Sun-Sentinel saying that he describes himself as a scholar and public intellectual interested in going more deeply into controversial public events.


But denying that 26 innocent people, including children, lost their lives—there doesn’t seem anything scholarly about that.


  • sabrina

    That’s just ignorant and naive and just straight wrong. Those little kids lost there life before they could live a fraction of it and for this man to comment on that in a negative way is unethical in so many ways. People figure because they have a degree that they are always right well that’s not the case when you have people speaking on this behave. I think he needs to go to where those kids list there life and those that are scared and seriously gain some real knowledge… that’s just ridiculous how people can be… Always and forever the lost will be loved.

  • JP

    It’s about time someone had the balls to say so. Sandy hook hoax, all over YouTube, check it out. They’re acting. So disgusting but nothing new. Unless your still asleep that is.

  • mitch

    I believe that Tracy’s comments are sensational and don’t stand up to academic rigor. The shootings in Newtown were repulsive and I, unlike Professor Tracy, believe them to be real. That does not mean, however, that there isn’t an agenda that is being aided by certain elements of the media. I have been informed by law enforcement that Adam Lanza used the Bushmaster rifle to shoot his mother and then steal the four handguns with which he perpetrated this horrific crime – the rifle was in the trunk of his car. If there is no media-aided agenda, then why is it that the rifle currently at the center of our national debate perpetually reported as the murder weapon?