Man charged with selling fake Texans gear

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BAYTOWN, TX – There’s no debating that the Texans 12 in 4 record this season is real. But what wasn’t up for debate was the authenticity of some Texans jerseys. Turns out they were big, fat, fakes!

Baytown Police say someone called and told them that Edward Williams and another man were selling jersey’s off North Alexander. An undercover detective went out and approached the two men. They told the cop they were real, but the detective wasn’t buying it. He took a jersey to a counterfeit examiner, who confirmed it was fake.

Williams was charged with trademark counterfeiting and the other guy wasn’t charged. But Baytown Police don’t have him behind bars yet. So if you think you were duped and bought a fake Texans jersey from Williams or you’ve seen him, give ’em a call!