Pi Pizza hits the road carrying 2,000 lbs. deck oven

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HOUSTON, TX – So, you like pie? No, not pie…pi as in Pi Pizza.

“It is awesome,’ explains Anthony Calleo, owner of the Pi Pizza truck.

“We opened October 21st 2011. I’ve worked pizza since I was about eighteen, how I put myself through college and grad school.”

But before you step up to the window, let’s get one thing straight, this is no ordinary pepperoni and cheese pizza truck. The pies coming out of the glass here are gourmet in every way.

Chew on This: Anthony Calleo had dreamed of owning his own pizza joint since he was a kid. But with cost of opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant through the roof, that idea went out the window faster than a slice of pie.

“I didn’t give doing a truck a lot of consideration because I wanted to use a deck-oven, and I didn’t think you could put a deck oven in a truck.”

And when you’re as serious about your pie as Anthony, cutting corners isn’t an option.

“One day I got a wild idea to Google ‘pizza truck for sale’ and the second search result that came up was a truck in Long Island, New York and I clicked on it and it said it had a deck oven in it, so I called the guy, not to buy the truck, but to tell him he was a liar because I didn’t think he had a real oven in that truck.”

But he did. And at nearly 2,000 pounds of oven alone, it took a suped-up suspension job to put the rubber on the road. The result? Pi Pizza, ready to fill your late-night cravings with a little cheesy goodness.

“We’re usually open from seven at night until about two-thirty in the morning,’ Calleo says.

So if you see ’em, stop by. Tell ’em we said hi. And whatever you do, don’t ask for plain-old cheese and pepperoni, you’ll be missing out on a plentitude of pizza pleasure.