Dallas tears down former home of Lee Harvey Oswald

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DALLAS, TX – The City of Dallas can’t run away from history, but it can get rid of some bad memories.

Demolition began this week on an apartment building where Lee Harvey Oswald lived.

The accused lone-assassin of President John Kennedy lived in apartment two at 600 Elsbeth in north Oak Cliff from November 1962 until March 1963.

The city got a court order last May to tear it down because it was uninhabited, run down and becoming a nuisance.

The demolition comes as the city is raising $2.2 million to restore Dealey Plaza in time for a big event planned for Nov. 22, on the fiftieth anniversary of the shooting that killed the president and seriously wounded Texas governor John Connelly.

Robert Kenney, Jr., and his youngest sister Rory took part in a discussion in Dallas over the weekend as part of the year-long observance. The President was their uncle. Their father, Robert, was the attorney general.

Robert, Jr., said their father publicly supported the Warren Commission report, but in private thought it was a shoddy piece of craftsmanship.

According to Bobby, Jr., RFK did his own investigations and concluded someone was involved, but didn’t know who. However, he, Bobby, Jr., is convinced Oswald did not act alone.

And thanks to the City of Dallas, any secrets that may exist in the walls of 600 Elsbeth will soon be lost forever.