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It’s open season on snakes in this southern state

EVERGLADES, FL – A month long hunting spree, sponsored by the state of Florida, called the “Python Challenge” just got under way and nearly 800 people from all over the US and Canada have signed up for a chance to kill wild Burmese pythons in the Everglades.

Why? Because these slithering freeloaders are eating their way through South Florida’s fragile ecosystem.

Amateurs and seasoned hunters will swamp the glades in search for their python prey, using guns or machetes to kill as many snakes as possible. But not everybody is excited about people running around with weapons ready to whack the first thing that crawls out of the woods. Some professional snake hunters think the $25 online safety class is not enough to keep these would-be snake killers from killing themselves.

Still, state officials feel this snake free-for-all is a good idea. The person who polishes away the most pythons gets a prize of $1500 bucks! And if you bring in the longest snake, you can make cool grand.

So like or not, snake season in in full swing down in the Sunshine State.

Better than last season we guess, when Florida seems overrun with bath salt sniffing, flesh-eating zombies.

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