Lance Armstrong to confess to doping in Oprah interview

AUSTIN, TX – Any star who’s been in trouble knows there’s only one place to turn for salvation. Oprah.

Word is now another celebrity is offering-up a confession to Lady O. Lance Armstrong will reportedly confess to using performance enhancing drugs during an interview taped Monday, to air Thursday on OWN. Before sitting down for the one-on-one, he reportedly gave a tearful apology to the staff of the cancer charity he started, Livestrong.

Since the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released thousands of pages of evidence that the seven time Tour de France winner used illegal substances, he has kept a low profile.

He had been denying the previously unsubstantiated allegations for years, but he could hardly argue with the Anti-Doping Agency’s report.  Its findings led him to loose endorsements and essentially get kicked out of Livestrong.

But hey, one guy named Armstrong walked on the moon. Nothing’s impossible, and if anything can repair an image it’s the truth, and Oprah.

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