Russian man dies while Zorbing down mountain

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NORTH CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS, RUSSIA – Ever been Zorbing? It’s the extreme sport that started in New Zealand. The idea is that you and some of your mates, if they want to, get inside a big inflated ball, and roll down a hill.

Yeah, pretty wild stuff. You can even race another Zorber to the bottom of the hill.

Lots of places around the world offer Zorbing, like a North Caucasus Mountains resort in Russia. The concept is the same, except you and a buddy get to roll down the side of a snow-covered mountain.

But this time, something went really wrong. As seen in a YouTube video that went viral, two men were rolling down the course when the ball veered off the path and headed toward a cliff.

Someone in skies tried to push the ball to safety, but the laws of physics were in play, and this was not going to end well.

The ball went over the cliff with both men inside. One man broke his neck and died, while his friend had cuts, bruises and a concussion.

The Zorb company says it didn’t license the resort and that it didn’t make the globes used by the resort. Sounds like someone has lots of explaining to do.