Social networking site just for cats

PENANG, MALAYSIA – Here, kitty kitty kitty! Heeeeeeeere, kittty kitty! For one website, it’s here, there and everywhere, kitty kitty. At, there are no dogs allowed.

Malaysian creators Matthew Phiong and Koekoe Loo say they want it to be a feline Facebook (Really, it’s more like a pussycat Pinterest.)

But the funny thing is– neither one of them has any cats! Before you kick up your kitty litter– they’ve had them in the past, but this social network is not “for” them. It’s for all the folks who insist on endlessly posting cat pics and videos across the web. And for those of of us who waste hours and hours lapping them up.

With Catmoji, there’s one spot where you and your cat can “like”, share and comment on other cats. You even get to create your own “cat-vatar” in an anime Hello Kitty style. (Cute, right?) And because you aren’t spreading cats pics and videos everywhere else, you won’t make the fur fly among the canine crowd.

Since they started Catmoji Christmas eve, their 800 members have doubled but creators Matthew and Koko really aren’t so worried about numbers. They say they just want to make the internet a “better and happier place with cats.”

…Sounds like the purrrr-fect plan.

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