Taiwanese gamblers bet on when terminally ill cancer patients will die

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TAICHUNG CITY, TAIWAN – If you really believe there’s nothing new under the sun, check this out: Taiwanese gamblers are betting on when terminally ill cancer patients will die.

Some senior citizens, relatives of the patients, doctors and care takers are also participating in those bets. Criminal networks, operating under the guise of non-profit organizations, are said to be behind this $34.5 million business in Taichung City, third largest city in the country.

Allegedly the bookies visit hospitals to seek permission from the patient’s family. In a second visit, they take the gamblers with them to observe the patients. According to the rules, the bookies win if the cancer patients die within a month. The gamblers are paid three times their bet if the patient dies between one and six months since the bet was placed. This is horrifying, without a doubt.

Who would have thought “jackpot” would be used as a term to describe someone’s death?