Coke admits it can make you fat

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ATLANTA, GA – Amazingly, the secret formula to Coke has remained a secret for more than 100 years.

But one thing’s no secret — it makes you fat!

Soda and other sugary drinks are the biggest source for calories in Americans’ diets. Drink one or two of them a day, and you increase your chances of Type 2 diabetes by 25%, not to mention rotting your teeth out. More than four sodas a day can send you into depression, according to a new study by the National Institutes of Health.

But Coke and the other soda companies never seem to acknowledge these facts… until now.

Coke just released a new ad that starts out: “For over 125 years, we’ve been bringing people together. Today, we’d like people to come together on something that concerns all of us — obesity.”

The ad goes on to play up the fact that Coke has 180 varieties of drinks with low or no calories, and even offers mini-cans.

It also stresses their support of programs like the Boys and Girls Club of America that enable young people to get active and start healthy habits early. Funny thing, though, it doesn’t show the exercising chunky school kids drinking Cokes.

By the end of the ad, they just state the obvious: “All calories count, no matter where they come from, including Coca-Cola and everything else with calories. And if you eat and drink more calories than you burn off, you’ll gain weight.”

Translation: if you drink too much Coke, and become obese — it’s your fault, not theirs.