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Facebook unveils Graph Search feature

MENLO PARK, CA – In another attempt to to stay relevant, Facebook is making headlines with a shiny new feature!

But much like the disappointment that came with Apple’s iPhone 4S, it’s not what we thought it was.

Those who are actually talking about the social network’s next “big” move speculated it might be its own smart phone or a web-search product.

Instead, we’re getting Graph Search. It is a search tool, but it’s limited to Facebook.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg says it will let users search photos, people, places, posts and all of the silly things your friends have shared.

So, it’s a new and easier way to get information we already have access to. It’s a lot of hype for a lot of nothing.

You also can’t use it yet.

But, Facebook is still the world’s largest online social network, and its stock shares are up.

Next time, Zuckerberg, give us a status update we’ll like.

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