Reading Shakespeare more helpful than self-help books

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – To buy a self-help book or not to buy a self-help book? That is the question. And it looks like Shakespeare may have your answer. A study coming from none other than the University of Liverpool claims reading Shakespeare and similar writers can have a better effect on your well-being than those new age self-help books.

The study says these books can provide a so-called “rocket boost” to moral by grabbing the reader`s attention and triggering moments of self reflection. To get the most bang for your buck, researchers say to read poetry which showed the most amount of brain activity.

But the trick is, you have to read it in the original form. No cheating with a modern translation.

The researchers surmise that these moments of self-reflection are better than self-help books which, come on, are just a bunch of psycho-babble anyway.

Shakespeare as a literary Prozac? Funny, we thought it was more like Ambien.

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